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Recycling of

Non-ferrous metals

At our establishment in Alkmaar we focus on the recycling of non-ferrous metals and also acting as a delivery point for suppliers of non-ferrous scrap.

CASH for all scrap metals

Most establishments will welcome any quantity of metal, but the total pay you receive will be determined by weight. As a result, a favoured strategy is to collect and stockpile a sizeable amount of scrap before trading in order to increase the total pay received.

Our establishment in Alkmaar will pay you for your recyclable scrap metal. Please check our acceptance policy below. We look forward in seeing you!

Scrap Acceptance Overview (PDF)

If you would like to know about the height of current scrap prices, please call 072 – 7 000 402.

More about scrap metals

– What type of scrap metal do I have?

The type of scrap metal you have will make a big difference in terms of expected pay. It’s important, therefore, to properly identify what’s in your stockpile.

The easiest way to achieve this is by using a magnet. If a magnet sticks to your metal, then it is likely to be a ferrous metal such as iron or steel. If the magnet doesn’t attract, you then have a non-ferrous metal such as aluminium, brass, bronze, copper, or stainless steel. The metal’s colour, texture and general appearance can provide more clues as to the type of scrap metal you’re dealing with.

– How much can I earn with my scrap metal?

The amount you can expect to earn for your scrap metal depends largely on the metal’s type. Ferrous metals, like steel and iron, are generally not worth a great deal, though most establishments will be happy to ensure it is properly recycled. Non-ferrous metals such as aluminium, brass, bronze, copper and stainless steel tend to be worth a lot more.

– Why is metal recycling so important?

Practically all metals can be recycled and transformed into new metal of equivalent quality. As a result, the industry’s production of secondary raw materials for use in manufacturing allows for significant reductions in usage of organic resources and energy.

We Also Handle

International Shipments

We coördinate all international shipments from our establishment in Alkmaar. If you need information or assistence with your (future) order, please contact us.

Other services


Located at Overdie Metals HQ, our accounting department will be happy to answer and assist you with any questions you might have.


Interested in finding out more about what we can do for you? Please don’t hesitate to get in touch!


Overdie Metals B.V. (Headquarters)
Kitmanstraat 231
1812 PL Alkmaar
The Netherlands

 +31 (0)72 5409309
 +31 (0)72 5402161

Opening hours

mon. to fri.: 07:00h – 17:00h
(lunch break: 12:30h – 13:00h)
sat.: 08:00h – 12:00h


Overdie Metals Alkmaar (Delivery point scrap metals)
Herculesstraat 55
1812 PD Alkmaar
The Netherlands

 +31 (0)72 5402926
 +31 (0)72 5402161

Opening hours

mon. to fri.: 07:00h – 17:00h
(lunch break: 12:30h – 13:00h)
sat.: 08:00h – 12:00h

Certified company

Our scrap establishment is MRF, ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certified which is audited by TüV-Nord.